Creating Curly Brackets with SCSS

Back when I was assembling the first version of this website, on a whim, I decided that I wanted to frame the introductory home text in curly brackets: { and }. At the time of this wondrous idea, I also happened to be interested in creating various… Read more.

Generating Fireflies with

During the summer of 2016 I decided to simulate fireflies as a visual piece for my personal website; and as it transpired, it simultaneously lead to the progressive development of – a lightweight CoffeeScript library that can be used to… Read more.

Mouse Keys in Ubuntu 12.04

Weirdly, on the iteration of Ubuntu 12.04, someone decided to remove a few settings by default in the system settings menu. The accessibility feature, Mouse Keys, is still present under 'System Settings → Universal Access'. However, without the removed… Read more.